Investigative Services

Security Alliance provides comprehensive consulting and investigative services. Our network of experienced investigators is positioned throughout the United States, giving them the flexibility to investigate matters wherever you may be.

Our investigators for our counterintelligence services come from law enforcement, military, and federal agency backgrounds and have access to vast financial, criminal, and public record databases that puts court and financial records at their fingertips. We are committed to the highest information gathering standards, and our investigators are well equipped to locate and interview suspects and witnesses, research court documents, conduct background checks, determine net worth, research finances, and much more.

Fraud Investigations

Confirm or refute your suspicions of fraud by initiating a fraud investigation from Security Alliance. A fraud investigator will first perform a series of data reviews, contact all employment and personal references, and verify bank information. From there, any misinformation or incongruent data triggers an in-depth due diligence investigation that includes personal interviews with the applicant’s listed references, mortgage broker, seller, appraiser, and related parties.

Corporate Counter-Espionage

Business security Concept ArtIdentify and understand emerging market trends and your competitors while also protecting corporate and trade secrets with corporate counter-espionage services from Security Alliance. We have partnered with one of the foremost authorities in electronic countermeasures, enabling us to offer numerous counter-espionage services such as:

  • Information Loss Detection
  • Concealed Bugging Device Detection
  • Transmitting Device Detection and Analysis to Verify Valid Emission Sources
  • Computer and Communications Forensics

In addition to detecting and analyzing your facilities for threats, devices, and breaches, Security Alliance’s corporate counter-espionage team also recommends preventive measures and safeguards to protect your sensitive information.

Intellectual Property Rights

As a participant in the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition, International Trademark Association, and the International Intellectual Property Alliance, Security Alliance is committed to protecting its clients from intellectual property infringement and counterfeiting.

Security Alliance’s operatives and intelligence-gathering sources are located in key cities throughout North and South America and the Caribbean, allowing us to conduct investigations and market surveys as well as build a secure network of reliable and friendly government and media sources. With access to an expansive Latin American system, we are well-positioned to mitigate the tide of counterfeit products that compromise your market share and growth. When necessary, Security Alliance coordinates with the appropriate U.S. trade delegations and representatives to deliver an Anti-Counterfeiting Strategy Statement or Denunciation of Effort.

Due Diligence Investigations

Numerous databases provide Security Alliance with in-depth information on potential strategic, financial, and joint venture partners for our clients. Security Alliance’s due diligence investigations allow you to gain insight into a company’s:

  • Financial condition and health
  • Business activities
  • Strategic relationships
  • Banking activities
  • Culture
  • Code of ethics

Computer Hacker

Vulnerability and Risk Assessments

Conducting business either domestically or internationally is fraught with risk. Understanding your company’s vulnerabilities is the first step to eliminating them. Security Alliance provides comprehensive vulnerability and risk assessments by identifying weaknesses and threats and recommending preventive solutions. Our risk assessments play an important role in reducing risks and liabilities. Partner with Security Alliance and gain a better understanding of the potential threats that can disrupt your business and its operations by ordering a comprehensive vulnerability and risk assessment.

Crisis Management

Not only does Security Alliance offer in-depth risk assessment and analysis, but we also offer world-class contingency planning, disaster preparedness training, evacuation and business continuity plans, armed and unarmed incident response teams, and executive protection programs. Our crisis management programs are designed to ensure that your business and its key personnel are never caught off guard by a crisis. Instead, we equip you to respond appropriately and support you with numerous crisis management services.

Contact us today for investigative services that uncover fraud and abuse in any system.