Project Managers

Together with our management team, each of the project managers at Security Alliance is dedicated to securing your future. Our company has the flexibility needed to adapt to changes on the ground, and our managers are there to make the call whenever required.

Paul Guerra profile picture.

Paul Guerra

Belmopan, Belize
Paul has several years of experience in management in the security industry in Los Angeles, California and was an active member of the LAPD’s Crisis Response Team. Since September 2009, Paul served three years as Guard Force Commander at the U.S. Embassy in Belmopan during which time Security Alliance was awarded “the Number One Local Guard Force for Small Embassies Worldwide. Paul currently serves as Project Manager in Belize. In addition to having training and background in Overseas Executive Protection and overseeing Security Alliance’s Executive Protection Program in Belize, Paul has also run protective details for clients such as Hershey and Coca-Cola.


Glenn C. Huiswoud profile picture.

Glenn C. Huiswoud

Paramaribo, Suriname
Glenn has been working at Security Alliance since 2010 after retiring as Guard Force Commander for a U.S Embassy contract under another security company. He is also a retired soldier from the Suriname Army, an entrepreneur, and a retired staff manager for the British American Insurance Company. His leadership track record, combined with his firsthand experience with combat, is a valuable asset to our leadership.


Brad Kosderka

New Orleans, Louisiana
Brad began his security career in 2005 as a Security Officer for Global Marine Security which provided security at ports and protected US Citizens on board foreign cargo ships. He moved on to the position of Account Manager for Eagle Eye Security in Hattiesburg, Mississippi where he managed twelve security contracts including department stores, clubs, and residential subdivisions. In 2018 he joined our security team as a Project Manager for Textron Systems in New Orleans, Louisiana where he oversees access control and video surveillance for all of Textron’s facilities, addresses all security violations, and as a trainer, provides security and active shooter training for Textron Systems.


Harold Lane

Miami Dade County, Florida
Harold has been with Security Alliance since 2010. He started out as a Level III Security Officer, and an Assistant Project Manager and eventually was transferred to Georgetown, Guyana as the Project Manager/Country Manager for the US Embassy, the United Nations, the Peace Corps, and Mercy Hospital as well as other local contracts in that country. Upon returning to the States, Harold became the Project Manager for the Miami Dade County Water and Sewer (WASD) Contract. Harold brought with him 20 years’ experience in managerial positions for loss prevention for two large retail companies and 11½ years in law enforcement with the San Diego Police Department and the Imperial Beach Police Department. Harold brings both business and law enforcement expertise to the table. His law enforcement experience includes burglary investigations and worked in a Border Crimes Task Force. Harold holds certificates for Advanced Interview and Interrogation from Wicklander-Zulaski & Associates, Inc.  He served in the U. S. Navy in Vietnam and received the Good Conduct Medal, A Meritorious Unit Commendation, the Vietnam Service Medal, and the Vietnam Campaign medal.


Milton Lopez

Quito, Ecuador
Milton was recently hired to run our Embassy Operations in Ecuador as the Project Manager. Milton brings to the table 6 years of Law Enforcement experience from the Miami Dade Police Department where he received outstanding evaluations and commendations for his dedication to duty. His supervisors credited him with a high level of motivation, proficiency in handling assignments, and in demonstrating sound judgment when performing his daily duties. Milton was born in Ecuador and was considered to be a perfect fit for the Project Manager’s assignment in that country. Milton studied at ITT Technical Institute and holds an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice.


Juan Ortiz

Miami Dade County, Florida
Juan joined our Security Alliance team in 2007 and worked as a Security Officer and Site Supervisor. He was promoted to Field Supervisor with the rank of Lieutenant  in 2008 and promoted to Captain in 2011. He was a very effective Field Supervisor and a hard worker which earned him the position of Project Manager. Juan is a graduate of Braddock High School and studied Criminal Justice Technology at Miami Dade College. He currently manages commercial accounts for Security Alliance.


Anthony Socarras

Miami Dade County, Florida
Anthony possesses a master’s degree in public administration, a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, and is a 33-year veteran of the Miami Dade Police Department. Anthony brings a high degree of knowledge and experience to Security Alliance. His investigative experience in the Miami Dade Police Department includes Vice, Intelligence and Narcotics, Auto Theft, Major Fraud, Arson, Sex Crimes, Homicide, and Organized Crime. He possesses the extensive managerial and operational experience and was a command level officer in various police districts and investigative bureaus. Anthony retired honorably as a Police Captain in 2008. He has been the Internal Services Department (ISD) and Water and Sewer Department (WASD), Project Manager since he started with Security Alliance.


Jorge Vargas

Miami Dade County, Florida
Jorge has been in the security industry since 2007 when he worked as a security officer for another security firm. He was later promoted to road supervisor and later to Assistant Manager. Jorge then joined the ranks of Security Alliance and due to his hard work and effective management style, he was placed in charge of approximately 4500 weekly hours and oversaw four different accounts. Jorge excelled in providing security and managing the clients. He was recently placed in charge of a recently acquired contract with Curaleaf, an account with multiple locations throughout the State of Florida. Jorge is a graduate of Miami Senior High School.



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