Close Protection Services

Close Protection Security PersonnelWhether for a corporate executive or high profile entertainer, Security Alliance can provide a tailored protection and transportation team. Security Alliance close protection has global capabilities, providing experienced protection personnel for any environment.

We can provide secure transportation with armored vehicles (where available) and can coordinate travel and logistics. Upon request, Security Alliance will help develop the formation of the protection team (# of personnel and deployment) including transportation configurations.

A Demonstration of Force

Protecting state and federal property requires another level of training that our organization is more than happy to provide. Our federal protective services are available through government contracts. We have the licensing, the training, and the track record needed for your specific security challenge.

Disciplined On-Site Security

Any armed guard posted at your location should have extensive training and a sterling background. We take the time to process an exhaustive background check for anyone we are placing at your site. Discipline is critical to the success of any security project. Anyone with such responsibilities should be accountable and prepared to respond whenever needed.

Contact us today to get a better understanding of the strict hiring practices we employ for our close protection services.