Uniformed Protection Officers

Secure property, personnel, and operational assets with on-site security officers from Security Alliance. Our team consists of 1100 security professionals that are capable and trained to handle the security challenges that face businesses, organizations, and countries in today’s fast-changing world. Each security professional on our team has undergone extensive background investigations that include employment history, criminal record, credit history, driving record, and reference checks. Our hiring standards are among the strictest in the industry with expectations that extend beyond clean background checks, state licensing, and exceptional security skills. Our security officers are fluent and literate in English with many being bilingual. In addition, we require strong interpersonal skills and the ability to remain calm under duress.


Professional Security Services
Our unarmed Professional Security Services patrol your facilities and randomly conduct safety checks to ensure operational continuity and safety. Using two-way radios, Professional Security Services relay routine and emergency information to our central dispatch office.

Security Alliance collaborates with our clients to identify the scope of services required and develop site-specific Post Orders. Our professional security personnel are trained, licensed and uniformed, and we work with our clients to ensure that all their security needs and concerns are met with the highest level of professionalism.

Special Response Services
Serious threats require a serious response, and our Special Response Officers are fully qualified frontline emergency responders capable of responding to and managing threats and emergencies of all types. In order to qualify for our extensive advanced SRO, weapons handling, and deadly force training at Security Alliance’s Florida training academy, candidates must be licensed by the state of Florida, have extensive law enforcement or military experience, and meet our strict hiring criteria. After passing the required courses, candidates are fully qualified to become members of our elite Special Response Officer team.


Our Special Response Officer training covers advanced security topics including:

• Terrorism Awareness
• Investigations
• Crisis Intervention
• Bomb Threats
• Tactical Shooting (Level I)
• Advanced Patrol Techniques
• Emergency Procedures
• Self-Defense & Personal Protection
• Behavioral Assessment & Profiling
• Nuclear, Biological & Chemical
React on Procedures
• Strikes/Labor Relations
• Crowd Control
• Crime Scenes
• Legal Aspects
• Police Security Liaison
• Non-lethal Weapons Implementation
• Effective Report Writing
• Communication & Verbalization
• CPR, Basic First Aid & Heart
Defibrillator Certification
• Professionalism & Ethics
• HAZMAT Awareness/First Responder