Close Protection Services

Secure property, personnel, and operational assets with on-site security officers from Security Alliance. Our team consists of over 1100 security professionals capable of handling virtually any security challenge. Each security professional on our team has undergone extensive background investigations that include employment history, criminal record, credit history, driving record, and reference checks. Our hiring standards are among the strictest in the industry with expectations that extend beyond clean background checks, state licensing, and exceptional security skills. Our security officers are fluent and literate in English with many being bilingual. In addition, we require strong interpersonal skills and the ability to remain calm under duress.

Force Protection Officer (FPO)
Security Alliance’s Force Protection Officers patrol and protect state and federal property, personnel, and essential military operational resources, typically under a government contract. Armed and licensed, our Force Protection Officers are experienced in maintaining order and discipline. In addition to meeting our strict hiring criteria, each Security Alliance FPO has verifiable experience in military, law enforcement, or security and has passed a mandatory advanced training program.